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Stomp the Yard

Directed by: Sylvain White Written by: Robert Adetuyi Release date: 2007-01-08 Cast: Columbus Short (as DJ Williams), Meagan Good (as April), Ne-Yo (as Rich Brown), Darrin Henson (as Grant), Brian J. White (as Sylvester), Laz Alonso (as Zeke), Valarie Pettiford (as Jackie), Jermaine Williams (as Noel), Allan Louis (as Dr. Palmer), Harry J. Lennix (as Nate) Genre: Teen, Musical, Romance Film, Dance, Dance film, Drama Distributor: Screen Gems Producer: William Packer, Porter Versfelt III Cinematography: Scott Kevan Editor: David Checel Estimated Budget: US$ - 13,000,000
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