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Susan Sontag

Films Directed: Duet for Cannibals,Brother Carl,Promised Lands Awards Won:Aug 1990 - MacArthur Fellowship - Literary Studies2000 - National Book Award for Fiction - In America1977 - National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism - On Photography2003 - Prince of Asturias Award for Letters - Fatema Mernissi and Susan Sontag, provide complementary perspectives in a dialogue between cultures.2001 - Jerusalem Prize2003 - Peace Prize of the German Book Trade Deceased: Died in New York City on Dec 28, 2004 Personal Information: Susan Rosenblatt Born on Jan 16, 1933 in New York City Professions: Novelist, Writer, Cultural critic, Filmmaker, Essayist, Author Nationality: United States of America Quotes: "For those who live neither with religious consolations about death nor with a sense of death (or of anything else) as natural, death is the obscene mystery, the ultimate affront, the thing that cannot be controlled. It can only be denied." "In America, the photographer is not simply the person who records the past, but the one who invents it." "Victims suggest innocence. And innocence, by the inexorable logic that governs all relational terms, suggests guilt."
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