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That Thing You Do!

Directed by: Tom Hanks Written by: Tom Hanks Release date: 1996-09-14 Cast: Tom Everett Scott (as Guy 'Skitch' 'Shades' Patterson), Liv Tyler (as Faye Dolan), Johnathon Schaech (as Jimmy Mattingly), Steve Zahn (as Lenny Haise), Ethan Embry (as T. B. Player), Tom Hanks (as Mr. White), Charlize Theron (as Tina), Obba Babatunde (as Lamarr), Giovanni Ribisi (as Chad), Chris Ellis (as Phil Horace) Genre: Comedy, Romantic comedy, Period piece, Musical, Comedy-drama, Drama Distributor: 20th Century Fox Producer: Jonathan Demme, Gary Goetzman, Edward Saxon Cinematography: Tak Fujimoto Editor: Richard Chew Estimated Budget: US$ - 26,000,000
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