Topic: The Battle of Shaker Heights

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The Battle of Shaker Heights

Directed by: Kyle Rankin, Efram Potelle Written by: Erica Beeney Release date: 2003-08-22 Cast: Shia LaBeouf (as Kelly Ernswiler), Elden Henson (as Bart Bowland), Amy Smart (as Tabby), Billy Kay (as Lance), Kathleen Quinlan (as Eve), Shiri Appleby (as Sarah), William Sadler (as Abe), Ray Wise (as Harrison), Philipp Karner (as Maurice), Dale R. Simonton (as Todd) Genre: Indie, Comedy, Drama, Romantic drama, Teen, Romance film, Comedy-drama Distributor: Miramax Films Producer: Jeff Balis, Chris Moore Cinematography: Thomas E. Ackerman Editor: Richard Nord
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