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The Big I Am

Directed by: Nic Auerbach Written by: Tim Cunningham Release date: 2009-05-01 Cast: Michael Madsen (as Martell), Steven Berkoff (as The MC), Leo Gregory (as Skinner), Paul Kaye (as Keys), Vincent Regan (as Barber), Phil Davis (as Stubbs), Michael Harvey (as Robbo), Bronagh Gallagher (as Di Baines), Robert Fucilla (as Floyd), Joshua Sasse (as Rixie) Genre: Thriller, Gangster, Crime fiction, Action/Adventure, Action Distributor: Cinematic Productions - 2009, E1 Entertainment Producer: Robert Fucilla, Jack Iandoli Cinematography: Shane Daly Editor: Jeremy Nicholls Studio: TBIA Flix, Cinematic Productions, Robert Fucilla Company
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