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The Birds (film)

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock Written by: Evan Hunter Release date: 1963-03-28 Cast: Rod Taylor (as Mitch Brenner), Jessica Tandy (as Lydia Brenner), Suzanne Pleshette (as Annie Hayworth), Tippi Hedren (as Melanie Daniels), Veronica Cartwright (as Cathy Brenner), Charles McGraw (as Fisherman), Richard Deacon (as Neighbor), Alfred Hitchcock, Ruth McDevitt (as Pet Store Clerk), Lonny Chapman (as Diner Owner) Genre: Doomsday film, Horror, Natural horror films, Suspense, Thriller Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: Alfred Hitchcock Cinematography: Robert Burks Editor: George Tomasini Estimated Budget: US$ - 2,500,000 Studio: Universal Studios
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