Topic: The Call of Cthulhu (film)

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The Call of Cthulhu (film)

Directed by: Andrew Leman Written by: Sean Branney Release date: 2005-10-01 Cast: Ramón Allen Jr. (as Louis), Leslie Baldwin (as Greta Johansen), Daryl Ball (as Officer Cassidy), John Bolen (as The Listener), Aidan Branney (as Swamp Boy), Sean Branney (as Pub Man), Andra Carlson (as Nurse), Michael Dalager (as Guerrera), Erin Emmalee (as Nancy), Chia Evers (as Cultist) Genre: Horror, Black-and-white, Silent film, Monster movie, B-movie, Creature Film Distributor: H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society Producer: Sean Branney, Andrew Leman Cinematography: David Robertson Editor: David Robertson Studio: H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society
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