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The Castle (film)

Directed by: Rob Sitch Written by: Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch, Zlad! Release date: 1997-04-10 Cast: Michael Caton (as Darryl Kerrigan), Anne Tenney (as Sal Kerrigan), Stephen Curry (as Dale Kerrigan), Anthony Simcoe (as Steve Kerrigan), Sophie Lee (as Tracey Kerrigan), Wayne Hope (as Wayne Kerrigan), Tiriel Mora (as Dennis Denuto), Eric Bana (as Con Petropoulous), Charles Tingwell (as Lawrence Hammill), Costas Kilias (as Farouk) Genre: Comedy, Indie, Cult Distributor: Miramax Films Producer: Debra Choate Cinematography: Miriana Marusic Editor: Wayne Hyett Estimated Budget: Australian dollar - 500,000 Awards: Australian Film Institute Award for Best Screenplay, Original
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