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The Chronicles of Riddick

Directed by: David Twohy Written by: David Twohy Release date: 2004-06-03 Cast: Vin Diesel (as Riddick), Judi Dench (as Aereon), Thandie Newton (as Dame Vaako), Karl Urban (as Vaako), Nick Chinlund (as Toombs), Colm Feore (as Lord Marshal), Keith David (as Imam), Alexa Davalos (as Kyra), Linus Roache (as Purifier), Christina Cox (as Eve Logan) Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Action/Adventure, Action, Thriller Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: Vin Diesel, Camille Brown, Scott Kroopf Cinematography: Hugh Johnson Editor: Dennis Virkler, Tracy Adams, Martin Hunter Estimated Budget: US$ - 110,000,000 Studio: Universal Studios
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