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The Company (film)

Directed by: Robert Altman Written by: Barbara Turner Release date: 2003-11-13 Cast: Neve Campbell (as Loretta 'Ry' Ryan), Malcolm McDowell (as Alberto Antonelli), James Franco (as Josh), Barbara E. Robertson (as Harriet), William Dick (as Edouard), Susie Cusack (as Susie), Marilyn Dodds Frank (as Mrs. Ryan), John Lordan (as Mr. Ryan), Mariann Mayberry (as Stepmother), Roderick Peeples (as Stepfather) Genre: Drama, Dance film, Indie, Dance Producer: Joshua Astrachan, Pamela Koffler, Neve Campbell, Robert Altman, Christine Vachon, David Levy, Joshua Astrachan Cinematography: Andrew Dunn Editor: Geraldine Peroni
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