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The Conspirator

Directed by: Robert Redford Written by: James Solomon Release date: 2010-09-11 Cast: James McAvoy (as Frederick Aiken), Robin Wright (as Mary Surratt), Kevin Kline (as Edwin Stanton), Evan Rachel Wood (as Anna Surratt), Tom Wilkinson (as Reverdy Johnson), Justin Long (as Nicholas Baker), Danny Huston (as Joseph Holt), Colm Meaney (as David Hunter), Alexis Bledel (as Sarah Weston), Johnny Simmons (as John Surratt) Genre: Historical drama, Crime Fiction, Courtroom Drama, Historical Film, Drama Distributor: Hollywood Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment, Roadside Attractions, Focus Features, FilmFlex - 2010 - United Kingdom - Streaming media Producer: Greg Shapiro, Robert Redford, Bill Holderman, Brian Falk, Robert Stone Cinematography: Newton Thomas Sigel Editor: Craig McKay Estimated Budget: US$ - 20,000,000 Studio: American Film Company
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