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The Core

Directed by: Jon Amiel Written by: Cooper Layne, John Rogers Release date: 2003-03-28 Cast: Aaron Eckhart (as Dr. Josh Keyes), Christopher Shyer (as Dave Perry), Ray Galletti (as Paul), Hilary Swank (as Maj. Rebecca Childs), Delroy Lindo (as Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzleton), Eileen Pedde (as Lynne), Rekha Sharma (as Danni), Stanley Tucci (as Dr. Conrad Zimsky), D. J. Qualls (as Theodore Donald 'Rat' Finch), Tom Scholte (as Acker) Genre: Disaster, Science Fiction, Thriller, Doomsday film, Action, Adventure, Action/Adventure, Drama Distributor: Paramount Pictures Producer: Cooper Layne, David Foster, Sean Bailey Cinematography: John Lindley, John Lindley Editor: Terry Rawlings Estimated Budget: US$ - 115,000,000
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