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The Da Vinci Code (film)

Directed by: Ron Howard Written by: Akiva Goldsman Release date: 2006-05-17 Cast: Tom Hanks (as Robert Langdon), Audrey Tautou (as Sophie Neveu), Ian McKellen (as Sir Leigh Teabing), Jean Reno (as Bezu Fache), Paul Bettany (as Silas), Alfred Molina (as Bishop Manuel Aringarosa), Jürgen Prochnow (as André Vernet), Jean-Yves Berteloot (as Remy Jean), Etienne Chicot (as Lt. Collet), Jean-Pierre Marielle (as Jacques Saunière) Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Museums and art galleries, Albino bias, Crime Thriller, Suspense, Film adaptation Distributor: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Producer: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, John Calley Cinematography: Salvatore Totino Editor: Mike Hill, Daniel P. Hanley Estimated Budget: US$ - 125,000,000 Studio: Image Entertainment, Columbia Pictures
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