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The Dish

Directed by: Rob Sitch Written by: Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch, Zlad! Release date: 2000-10-19 Cast: Sam Neill (as Cliff Buxton), Billy Mitchell (as Cameron), Roz Hammond (as Miss Nolan), Christopher-Robin Street (as Damien), Luke Keltie (as Graeme), Naomi Wright (as Melanie), Ben Wright-Smith (as Nicholas), Grant Thompson (as Mr. Callen), Bille Brown (as Prime Minister), Kevin Harrington (as Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell) Genre: Comedy, Indie, World cinema, Comedy of manners Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Independent Pictures, Summit Entertainment, Icon Productions Producer: Tom Gleisner, Michael Hirsh, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch, Zlad! Cinematography: Graeme Wood Editor: Jill Bilcock
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