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The Eagle (2011 film)

Directed by: Kevin MacDonald Written by: Jeremy Brock Release date: 2011-02-09 Cast: Channing Tatum (as Marcus Aquila), István Göz (as Cohort Centurion), Bence Gerö (as Marcus Aquila), Denis O'Hare (as Lutorius), Paul Ritter (as Galba), Zsolt László (as Paulus), Julian Lewis Jones (as Cassius), Aladár Laklóth (as Flavius Aquila), Lukács Bicskey (as Druid), Douglas Henshall (as Cradoc) Genre: Adventure, Period piece, Film adaptation, Action/Adventure, Thriller, Action, Adventure Drama, Costume Adventure, Historical Epic, Drama Distributor: Focus Features, Universal Studios Producer: Duncan Kenworthy Cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle Editor: Justine Wright Estimated Budget: US$ - 25,000,000 - 2011
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