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The Entity

Directed by: Sidney J. Furie Written by: Frank De Felitta Release date: 1982-09-30 Cast: Barbara Hershey (as Carla Moran), Ron Silver (as Phil Sneiderman), David Labiosa (as Billy), George Coe (as Dr. Weber), Margaret Blye (as Cindy Nash), Jacqueline Brookes (as Dr. Cooley), Richard Brestoff (as Gene Kraft), Michael Alldredge (as George Nash), Raymond Singer (as Joe Mehan), Allan Rich (as Dr. Walcott) Genre: Horror, Thriller, Supernatural, Mystery, Psychological thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Haunted House Film, Drama Distributor: 20th Century Fox Producer: Harold Schneider Cinematography: Stephen H. Burum Editor: Frank J. Urioste
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