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The Fields (2011 film)

Directed by: Ami Canaan Mann Written by: Don Ferrarone Release date: 2011-09-09 Cast: Chloƫ Moretz (as Little Anne Sliger), Sam Worthington (as Det. Mike Souder), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as Brian Heigh), Jessica Chastain (as Det. Pam Stall), Stephen Graham (as Rhino), Annabeth Gish (as Gwen Heigh), Jason Clarke (as Rule), Sheryl Lee (as Lucie Sliger), Leanne Cochran (as Lila), Sean Michael Cunningham (as Billy Heigh) Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama Film Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment Producer: Michael Jaffe, Michael Mann Cinematography: Stuart Dryburgh Editor: Cindy Mollo
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