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The Fly (1986 film)

Directed by: David Cronenberg Written by: David Cronenberg, Charles Edward Pogue Release date: 1986-08-15 Cast: Jeff Goldblum (as Seth Brundle), Geena Davis (as Veronica Quaife), John Getz (as Stathis Borans), Leslie Carlson (as Dr. Brent Cheevers), David Cronenberg (as Gynecologist), Michael Copeman (as 2nd Man in Bar), Carol Lazare (as Nurse), Shawn Hewitt (as Clerk), George Chuvalo (as Marky), Joy Boushel (as Tawny) Genre: Romance Film, Science Fiction, Horror, Tragedy, Monster movie, Film adaptation, Drama Distributor: 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Studios Producer: Mel Brooks, Stuart Cornfeld Cinematography: Mark Irwin Editor: Ronald Sanders Estimated Budget: US$ - 15,000,000 Studio: Amblin Entertainment Awards: Academy Award for Makeup
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