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The Forbidden Kingdom

Directed by: Rob Minkoff Written by: John Fusco Release date: 2008-04-04 Cast: Jackie Chan (as Lu Yan / Old Hop), Liu Yifei (as Golden Sparrow), Jet Li (as The Monkey King / The Silent Monk), Michael Angarano (as Jason Tripitikas), Collin Chou (as Jade Warlord), Li Bingbing (as Ni Chang), Jacky Wu, Morgan Benoit (as Lupo), Thomas McDonell (as Young Southie) Genre: Martial arts, Adventure, Action, Wuxia, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance Film, Period piece, Fantasy Adventure Distributor: The Weinstein Company, Lions Gate Entertainment Producer: Casey Silver Cinematography: Peter Pau Editor: Eric Strand Estimated Budget: US$ - 55,000,000 Studio: Lions Gate Entertainment, Relativity Media
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