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The Good Thief

Directed by: Neil Jordan Written by: Neil Jordan, Auguste Le Breton, Jean-Pierre Melville Release date: 2003-02-28 Cast: Nutsa Kukhianidze (as Anne), Ouassini Embarek (as Said), Marc Lavoine (as Remi), Nick Nolte (as Bob Montagnet), Tchéky Karyo (as Roger), Gérard Darmon (as Raoul), Saïd Taghmaoui (as Paulo), Patricia Kell (as Yvonne), Julien Maurel (as Philippe), Emir Kusturica (as Vladimir) Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Indie, World cinema, Crime, Caper story, Drama Distributor: Fox Searchlight Pictures Producer: Seaton McLean, Stephen Woolley, John Wells Cinematography: Chris Menges Editor: Tony Lawson Estimated Budget: US$ - 25,000,000 Studio: Alliance Atlantis
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