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The Hitcher (2007 film)

Directed by: Dave Meyers Written by: Eric Bernt, Jake Wade Wall, Eric Red Release date: 2007-01-19 Cast: Sean Bean (as John Ryder), Sophia Bush (as Grace Andrews), Zachary Knighton (as Jim Halsey), Neal McDonough (as Lt. Esteridge), Skip O'Brien (as Sheriff Harlan Bremmer Sr.), Travis Schuldt (as Deputy Harlan Bremmer Jr.), Danny Bolero (as Officer Edwards), Yara Martinez (as Beth), Lauren Cohn (as Marlene), Dave Colon (as N.M. State Trooper) Genre: Slasher, Horror, Thriller, Cult, Teen, Action, Drama Distributor: Rogue Pictures Producer: Michael Bay, Bradley Fuller, Charles R. Meeker, Andrew Form Cinematography: James Hawkinson Editor: Jim May Estimated Budget: US$ - 10,000,000 Studio: Platinum Dunes
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