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The Incredibles

Directed by: Brad Bird Written by: Brad Bird Release date: 2004-10-27 Cast: Craig T. Nelson (as Mr. Incredible), Holly Hunter (as Elastigirl), Samuel L. Jackson (as Frozone), Jason Lee (as Syndrome), Dominique Louis (as Bomb Voyage), Jean Sincere (as Mrs. Hogenson), Eli Fucile (as Jack-Jack Parr), Maeve Andrews (as Jack-Jack Parr), Wallace Shawn (as Gilbert Huph), Spencer Fox (as Dash) Genre: Action, Comedy, Computer Animation, Family, Animation, Adventure, Superhero movie, Action/Adventure, Superhero, Children's/Family Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Producer: John Walker Cinematography: Andrew Jimenez, Patrick Lin, Janet Lucroy Editor: Stephen Schaffer Estimated Budget: US$ - 92,000,000 Studio: Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures Awards: Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long FormAcademy Award for Best Sound EditingBFCA Critics' Choice Award for Best Animated FeatureSatellite Award for Best Animated or Mixed Media FeatureAcademy Award for Animated Feature Film
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