Topic: The Intruder (1962 film)

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The Intruder (1962 film)

Directed by: Roger Corman Written by: Charles Beaumont Release date: 1962-05-14 Cast: William Shatner (as Adam Cramer), Frank Maxwell (as Tom McDaniel), Beverly Lunsford (as Ella McDaniel), Robert Emhardt (as Verne Shipman), Leo Gordon (as Sam Griffin), Charles Barnes (as Joey Greene), Charles Beaumont (as Mr. Paton), Katherine Smith (as Ruth McDaniel), George Clayton Johnson (as Phil West), William F. Nolan (as Bart Carey) Genre: Indie, Political drama, Drama Producer: Roger Corman Cinematography: Taylor Byars Editor: Ra Hould Estimated Budget: US$ - 80,000
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