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The Iron Giant

Directed by: Brad Bird Written by: Tim McCanlies, Brad Bird Release date: 1999-07-31 Cast: Jennifer Aniston (as Annie Hughes), Harry Connick,Jr. (as Dean McCoppin), Vin Diesel (as The Iron Giant), James Gammon (as Marv Loach), James Gammon (as General Sudokoff), James Gammon (as Floyd Turbeaux), Cloris Leachman (as Mrs. Lynley Tensedge), Christopher McDonald (as Kent Mansley), John Mahoney (as General Rogard), Eli Marienthal (as Hogarth Hughes) Genre: Science Fiction, Animation, Family, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Children's Fantasy, Children's/Family Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures Producer: Des McAnuff, Allison Abbate, John Walker Cinematography: Steven Wilzbach Editor: Darren T. Holmes Estimated Budget: US$ - 48,000,000 Studio: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation
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