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The Last Station

Directed by: Michael Hoffman Written by: Michael Hoffman Release date: 2009-09-04 Cast: Helen Mirren (as Sofya Tolstoy), Christopher Plummer (as Leo Tolstoy), Paul Giamatti (as Vladimir Chertkov), James McAvoy (as Valentin Bulgakov), John Sessions (as Dushan), Patrick Kennedy (as Sergeyenko), Kerry Condon (as Masha), Anne-Marie Duff (as Sasha Tolstoy), Tomas Spencer (as Andrey Tolstoy), Christian Gaul (as Ivan) Genre: Biography, History, Romantic drama, Romance Film, Period piece, Film adaptation, World cinema, Biopic [feature], Drama Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Pictures Classics Producer: Bonnie Arnold, Jens Meurer, Chris Curling Cinematography: Sebastian Edschmid Editor: Patricia Rommel Estimated Budget: US$ - 17,000,000
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