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The Long Kiss Goodnight

Directed by: Renny Harlin Written by: Shane Black Release date: 1996-10-11 Cast: Geena Davis (as Samantha Caine), Geena Davis (as Charly Baltimore), Samuel L. Jackson (as Mitch Henessey), Yvonne Zima (as Caitlin Caine), Craig Bierko (as Timothy), Tom Amandes (as Hal), Brian Cox (as Dr. Nathan Waldman), Patrick Malahide (as Leland Perkins), David Morse (as Luke), Joseph McKenna (as One-Eyed Jack) Genre: Thriller, Action, Action/Adventure, Suspense, Crime fiction Distributor: New Line Cinema Producer: Stephanie Austin, Shane Black, Renny Harlin, Geena Davis Cinematography: Guillermo Navarro Editor: William Goldenberg Estimated Budget: US$ - 65,000,000 Studio: New Line Cinema
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