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The Majestic

Directed by: Frank Darabont Written by: Michael Sloane Release date: 2001-12-11 Cast: Jim Carrey (as Peter Appleton), Bob Balaban (as Elvin Clyde), Jeffrey DeMunn (as Ernie Cole), Laurie Holden (as Adele Stanton), Hal Holbrook (as Congressman Doyle), Matt Damon (as Luke Trimble), Martin Landau (as Harry Trimble), Craig Richards (as Studio Guard), Bruce Campbell (as Roland the Intrepid Explorer), Amanda Detmer (as Sandra Sinclair) Genre: Romance Film, Period piece, Americana, Drama Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Producer: Frank Darabont Cinematography: David Tattersall Editor: Jim Page Estimated Budget: US$ - 72,000,000 Studio: Castle Rock Entertainment, Village Roadshow Pictures Awards: Political Film Society Award for Democracy
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