Topic: The Man with the Golden Gun (film)

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The Man with the Golden Gun (film)

Directed by: Guy Hamilton Written by: Tom Mankiewicz, Richard Maibaum Release date: 1974-12-19 Part of Series: James Bond Film Series Cast: Hervé Villechaize (as Henchman Nick Nack), Roger Moore (as James Bond), Christopher Lee (as Francisco Scaramanga), Britt Ekland (as Mary Goodnight), Maud Adams (as Andrea Anders), Carmen du Sautoy (as Saida), Lois Maxwell (as Miss Moneypenny), Bernard Lee (as M), Clifton James (as Sheriff J.W. Pepper), Marc Lawrence (as Rodney) Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure, Action Thrillers, Glamorized Spy Film Distributor: United Artists Producer: Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli Cinematography: Ted Moore, Oswald Morris Editor: Raymond Poulton, John Shirley Estimated Budget: US$ - 7,000,000 Studio: EON Productions
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