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The Messengers

Directed by: Oxide Pang Chun, Pang Fat Written by: Mark Wheaton Release date: 2007-02-02 Cast: Graham Bell (as Jim), John Corbett (as Burwell), Michael Daingerfield (as Police Officer), William B. Davis (as Colby Price), Dylan McDermott (as Roy), Penelope Ann Miller (as Denise), Dustin Milligan (as Bobby), Kristen Stewart (as Jess), Jodelle Ferland (as Michael Rollins), Brent Briscoe (as Plume) Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems Producer: Sam Raimi, Jason Shuman, Robert Tapert, William Sherak Cinematography: David Geddes Editor: Armen Minasian, Tim Mirkovich, John Axelrad Estimated Budget: US$ - 16,000,000 Studio: Columbia Pictures
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