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The Mist (film)

Directed by: Frank Darabont Written by: Frank Darabont Release date: 2007-11-21 Cast: Thomas Jane (as David Drayton), Toby Jones (as Ollie Weeks), Laurie Holden (as Amanda Dunfrey), Marcia Gay Harden (as Mrs. Carmody), Andre Braugher (as Brent Norton), Frances Sternhagen (as Irene Reppler), Nathan Gamble (as Billy Drayton), Alexa Davalos (as Sally), William Sadler (as Jim), Samuel Witwer (as Private Jessup) Genre: Horror, Film adaptation, Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Dimension Films, The Weinstein Company, FilmFlex - 2008 - United Kingdom - Streaming media Producer: Frank Darabont, Liz Glotzer Cinematography: Rohn Schmidt Editor: Hunter M. Via Estimated Budget: US$ - 18,000,000 Studio: Dimension Films
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