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The New World

Directed by: Terrence Malick Written by: Terrence Malick Release date: 2005-12-25 Cast: Colin Farrell (as Captain Smith), Q'Orianka Kilcher (as Pocahontas), Christopher Plummer (as Captain Newport), Christian Bale (as John Rolfe), August Schellenberg (as Powhatan), Wes Studi (as Opechancanough), David Thewlis (as Wingfield), Raoul Trujillo (as Tomocomo), Noah Taylor (as Selway), Irene Bedard (as Pocahontas' Mother) Genre: Romance Film, Costume drama, Adventure, Biography, History, Romantic drama, Period piece, Drama Distributor: New Line Cinema Producer: Sarah Green Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki Editor: Saar Klein, Mark Yoshikawa, Richard Chew, Hank Corwin Estimated Budget: US$ - 30,000,000 Studio: New Line Cinema
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