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The One

Directed by: James Wong Written by: Glen Morgan, James Wong Release date: 2001-11-02 Cast: Jet Li (as Gabriel Yu-Law), Carla Gugino (as T.K. Law), Delroy Lindo (as MVA Agent Harry Roedecker), Jason Statham (as MVA Agent Evan Funsch), James Morrison (as LAPD Officer Bobby Aldrich), Dylan Bruno (as Yates), Richard Steinmetz (as D'Antoni), Steve Rankin (as MVA Supervisor), Ron Zimmerman (as Rotten Ronnie), Mark Borchardt (as Cesar) Genre: Martial arts, Thriller, Action, Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Time travel, Supernatural Distributor: Columbia Pictures Producer: Glen Morgan, James Wong, Charles Newirth, Steve Chasman Cinematography: Robert McLachlan Editor: James Coblentz Estimated Budget: US$ - 20,000,000 Studio: Revolution Studios
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