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The Other Guys

Directed by: Adam McKay Written by: Adam McKay, Chris Henchy Release date: 2010-08-02 Cast: Samuel L. Jackson (as P.K. Highsmith), The Rock (as Danson), Larnell Stovall, Jalil Jay Lynch, Roy T. Anderson, Rob Riggle (as Martin), Damon Wayans,Jr. (as Fosse), Michael Keaton (as Captain Gene Mauch), Will Ferrell (as Detective Allen Gamble), Mark Wahlberg (as Detective Terry Hoitz) Genre: Comedy, Action, Parody, Action/Adventure, Crime Fiction, Absurdism Distributor: Columbia Pictures Producer: Patrick Crowley, Jimmy Miller, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay Cinematography: Oliver Wood Editor: Brent White Estimated Budget: US$ - 100,000,000 Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Gary Sanchez Productions
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