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The Passion of the Christ

Directed by: Mel Gibson Written by: Benedict Fitzgerald, Mel Gibson Release date: 2004-02-25 Cast: James Caviezel (as Jesus), Maia Morgenstern (as Mary), Christo Jivkov (as John), Francesco De Vito (as Peter), Monica Bellucci (as Magdalen), Mattia Sbragia (as Caiphas), Toni Bertorelli (as Annas), Luca Lionello (as Judas), Hristo Shopov (as Pontius Pilate), Claudia Gerini (as Claudia Procles) Genre: Indie, Costume drama, Period piece, Epic, History, Hagiography, Religious Drama, Drama Film Distributor: Warner Home Video, 20th Century Fox, Newmarket Films Producer: Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, Stephen McEveety Cinematography: Caleb Deschanel Editor: Steve Mirkovich, John Wright Estimated Budget: US$ - 30,000,000 Studio: Icon Productions Awards: Satellite Award for Best DirectorPeople's Choice Award for Favorite Drama MovieNastro d'argento Best Costume Design
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