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The Perfect Storm (film)

Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen Written by: William D. Wittliff Release date: 2000-06-26 Cast: George Clooney (as Billy Tyne), Mark Wahlberg (as Bobby Shatford), Diane Lane (as Christina Cotter), John C. Reilly (as Dale 'Murph' Murphy), William Fichtner (as David 'Sully' Sullivan), Allen Payne (as Alfred Pierre), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (as Linda Greenlaw), Karen Allen (as Melissa Brown), Cherry Jones (as Edie Bailey), Michael Ironside (as Bob Brown) Genre: Drama, Adventure, Thriller, Action, Disaster, Adventure Drama, Sea Adventure Distributor: Warner Bros. Entertainment Producer: Gail Katz, Paula Weinstein, Wolfgang Petersen Cinematography: John Seale Editor: Richard Francis-Bruce Estimated Budget: US$ - 120,000,000 Awards: BAFTA Award for Best Special Visual Effects
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