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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Directed by: Blake Edwards Written by: Blake Edwards, Frank Waldman Release date: 1976-12-15 Part of Series: The Pink Panther Cast: Peter Sellers (as Inspector Clouseau), Herbert Lom (as Dreyfus), Lesley-Anne Down (as Olga), Burt Kwouk (as Cato), Leonard Rossiter (as Quinlan), Colin Blakely (as Drummond), Richard Vernon (as Fassbender), Briony McRoberts (as Margo Fassbender), Byron Kane (as Secretary of State), André Maranne (as Sgt. François Chevalier) Genre: Comedy, Crime Fiction, Slapstick, Parody, Farce, Crime Comedy Distributor: United Artists Producer: Blake Edwards, Tony Adams Cinematography: Harry Waxman Estimated Budget: US$ - 6,000,000
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