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The Princess Bride

Directed by: Rob Reiner Written by: William Goldman Release date: 1987-09-18 Cast: Peter Cook (as Clergyman), Cary Elwes (as Westley), Robin Wright (as Buttercup), Chris Sarandon (as Prince Humperdinck), Mandy Patinkin (as Inigo Montoya), Christopher Guest (as Count Rugen), André the Giant (as Fezzik), Wallace Shawn (as Vizzini), Peter Falk (as Grandpa), Fred Savage (as The Grandson) Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance Film, Family, Action, Adventure, Fairy tale, Adventure Comedy, Children's/Family Distributor: 20th Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lions Gate Entertainment, Vestron Pictures Producer: Rob Reiner, Andrew Scheinman Cinematography: Adrian Biddle Editor: Robert Leighton Estimated Budget: US$ - 15,000,000 Awards: Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation
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