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The River Wild

Directed by: Curtis Hanson Written by: Denis O'Neill Release date: 1994-09-30 Cast: Meryl Streep (as Gail Hartman), Kevin Bacon (as Wade), David Strathairn (as Tom), Joseph Mazzello (as Roarke), John C. Reilly (as Terry), Benjamin Bratt (as Ranger Johnny), Elizabeth Hoffman (as Gail's Mother), William Lucking (as Frank), Stephanie Sawyer (as Willa), Victor Galloway (as Gail's Father) Genre: Thriller, Action/Adventure, Action, Adventure, Crime Fiction, Psychological thriller, Adventure Drama Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: David Foster, Lawrence Turman, Denis O'Neill Cinematography: Robert Elswit Editor: David Brenner, Joe Hutshing Estimated Budget: US$ - 45,000,000 Studio: Universal Studios
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