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The Rocketeer (film)

Directed by: Joe Johnston, Mark Dindal Written by: Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo Release date: 1991-06-21 Cast: Billy Campbell (as Cliff Secord), Alan Arkin (as A. "Peevy"" Peabody"), Jennifer Connelly (as Jenny Blake), Timothy Dalton, Jon Polito, Terry O'Quinn (as Howard Hughes), Ed Lauter, Paul Sorvino, Tiny Ron Taylor Genre: Family, Adventure, Action, Airplanes and airports, Fantasy, Period piece, Action/Adventure, Superhero Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Producer: Charles Gordon, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin Cinematography: Hiro Narita Editor: Peter Lonsdale, Arthur P. Schmidt, Arthur Schmidt Studio: Silver Screen Partners Awards: Saturn Award for Best Costume
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