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The Scorpion King

Directed by: Chuck Russell Written by: Stephen Sommers, David Hayter, William Osborne Release date: 2002-04-15 Cast: The Rock (as Mathayus), Steven Brand (as Memnon), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Balthazar), Kelly Hu (as Cassandra), Bernard Hill (as Philos), Grant Heslov (as Arpid), Peter Facinelli (as Takmet), Ralf Moeller (as Thorak), Branscombe Richmond (as Jesup), Roger Rees (as King Pheron) Genre: Thriller, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Romance Film, Fantasy Adventure Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: James Jacks, Sean Daniel, Stephen Sommers, Kevin Misher Cinematography: John R. Leonetti Editor: Michael Tronick, Greg Parsons Estimated Budget: US$ - 60,000,000 Studio: Universal Studios Awards: ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for Top Box Office Films
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