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The Situation (film)

Directed by: Philip Haas Written by: Wendell Steavenson Release date: 2007-02-02 Cast: Connie Nielsen (as Anna Molyneux), Damian Lewis (as Dan Murphy), Mido Hamada (as Zaid), Driss Roukhe (as Walid), Nasser Memarzia (as Rafeeq), Saïd Amadis (as Mayor Tahsin), Omar Berdouni (as Bashar), Chérine Amar (as Noor), Shaun Evans (as Wesley), Thomas McCarthy (as Major Hanks) Genre: Drama, Suspense, Political drama, Indie Producer: Liaquat Ahamed, Neda Armian, Michael Sternberg Cinematography: Sean Bobbitt Editor: Curtiss Clayton
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