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The Thing (film)

Directed by: John Carpenter Written by: John W. Campbell, Bill Lancaster Release date: 1982 Part of Series: Apocalypse Trilogy Cast: Kurt Russell (as J.R. MacReady), Keith David (as Childs), Wilford Brimley (as Dr. Blair), David Clennon (as Palmer), Donald Moffat (as Garry), Thomas G. Waites (as Windows), Joel Polis (as Fuchs), Peter Maloney (as Bennings), Charles Hallahan (as Norris), T. K. Carter (as Nauls) Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Cult Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: David Foster, Lawrence Turman Cinematography: Dean Cundey Estimated Budget: US$ - 10,000,000 Studio: Universal Studios
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