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The Truth About Charlie

Directed by: Jonathan Demme Written by: Jonathan Demme, Peter Stone, Jessica Bendinger, Steve Schmidt Release date: 2002-10-16 Cast: Olga Sékulic, Stephen Dillane (as Charlie), Thandie Newton (as Regina Lambert), Sakina Jaffrey (as Sylvia), Mark Wahlberg (as Lewis Bartholamew), Christine Boisson (as Commandant Dominique), Simon Abkarian (as Lieutenant Dessalines), Park Joong-hoon (as Il-Sang Lee), Lisa Gay Hamilton (as Lola Jansco), Ted Levine (as Emil Zadapec) Genre: Romantic comedy, Thriller, Mystery, Crime Thriller, Suspense, Comedy, Comedy Thriller Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: Jonathan Demme, Edward Saxon, Peter Saraf Cinematography: Tak Fujimoto Editor: Carol Littleton, Suzanne Spangler Studio: Universal Studios
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