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The Tuxedo

Directed by: Kevin Donovan Written by: Michael J. Wilson, Michael J. Leeson Release date: 2002-09-27 Cast: Jackie Chan (as Jimmy Tong), Jennifer Love Hewitt (as Del Blaine), Jason Isaacs (as Clark Devlin), Debi Mazar (as Steena), Ritchie Coster (as Dietrich Banning), Peter Stormare (as Dr. Simms), Mia Cottet (as Cheryl), Romany Malco (as Mitch), Daniel Kash (as Rogers), James Brown Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Martial arts, Action Comedy Distributor: DreamWorks Producer: Adam Schroeder, John H. Williams Cinematography: Stephen F. Windon Editor: Craig Herring Estimated Budget: US$ - 60,000,000 Studio: DreamWorks Awards: Blimp Award for Favorite Female Butt KickerBlimp Award for Favorite Male Butt Kicker
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