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The Uninvited (2009 film)

Directed by: Thomas Guard, Charles Guard Written by: Carlo Bernard, Craig Rosenberg, Doug Miro Release date: 2009-01-30 Cast: Emily Browning (as Anna), Arielle Kebbel (as Alex), David Strathairn (as Steven), Elizabeth Banks (as Rachel), Jesse Moss (as Matthew Hendricks), Dean Paul Gibson (as Dr. Silberling), Don S. Davis (as Mr. Henson), Lex Burnham (as Iris), Matthew Bristol (as David), Danny Bristol (as Samuel) Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Psychological thriller, Thriller, Crime Thriller, Mystery, Drama Distributor: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Producer: Laurie MacDonald, Walter F. Parkes, Roy Lee Cinematography: Dan Landin Editor: Jim Page, Christian Wagner, Jim Page Studio: Goldcrest Films, The Montecito Picture Company
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