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The Warriors

Directed by: Walter Hill Written by: David Shaber, Walter Hill Release date: 1979-02-01 Cast: Michael Beck (as Swan), James Remar (as Ajax), David Patrick Kelly (as Luther), Deborah Van Valkenburgh (as Mercy), Dorsey Wright (as Cleon), Lynne Thigpen (as D.J.), Thomas G. Waites (as Fox), Mercedes Ruehl (as Policewoman), Marcelino Sánchez (as Rembrandt), Terry Michos (as Vermin) Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime Fiction, Action/Adventure, Cult, Drama Distributor: Paramount Pictures Producer: Lawrence Gordon, Laurent Bouzereau, Freeman A. Davies, Walter Hill Cinematography: Andrew Laszlo Editor: Billy Weber, Susan E. Morse, David Holden, Freeman A. Davies Estimated Budget: US$ - 360,000 Studio: Paramount Pictures
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