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The Way Back

Directed by: Peter Weir Written by: Peter Weir, Keith R. Clarke Release date: 2010-11-25 Cast: Dragoş Bucur (as Zoran), Colin Farrell (as Valka), Ed Harris (as Mr. Smith), Alexandru Potocean (as Tomasz), Saoirse Ronan (as Irena), Gustaf Skarsgård (as Voss), Mark Strong (as Khabarov), Jim Sturgess (as Janusz), Sebastian Urzendowsky (as Kazik), Zahary Baharov Genre: Period piece, Action, Adventure, Biographical film, Epic, Escape Film, Drama Distributor: Hollywood Pictures, Newmarket Films, FilmFlex - 2010 - United Kingdom - Streaming media Producer: Nigel Sinclair, Duncan Henderson, Peter Weir, Joni Levin Cinematography: Russell Boyd Editor: Lee Smith Estimated Budget: US$ - 30,000,000
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