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The Women (2008 film)

Directed by: Diane English Written by: Diane English Release date: 2008-09-04 Cast: Meg Ryan (as Mary Haines), Annette Bening (as Sylvia Fowler), Jada Pinkett Smith (as Alex Fisher), Debra Messing (as Edie Cohen), Eva Mendes (as Crystal Allen), Carrie Fisher (as Bailey Smith), Bette Midler (as Leah Miller), Candice Bergen (as Catherine Frazier), Cloris Leachman (as Maggie), Natasha Alam (as Natasha) Genre: Comedy, Romance Film, Romantic comedy, Drama Distributor: Picturehouse, Nordisk Film, Paramount Pictures, Constantin Film, Alliance Films Producer: Diane English, Mick Jagger, Victoria Pearman, Bill Johnson Cinematography: Anastas N. Michos Editor: Tia Nolan Estimated Budget: US$ - 14,000,000
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