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To Kill a Mockingbird

Directed by: Robert Mulligan Written by: Horton Foote Release date: 1962-12-25 Cast: Gregory Peck (as Atticus Finch), Mary Badham, Phillip Alford (as Jem), William Windom (as Mr. Gilmer), Rosemary Murphy (as Maudie Atkinson), Robert Duvall (as Boo Radley), Brock Peters (as Tom Robinson), Ruth White (as Mrs. Dubose), Alice Ghostley (as Aunt Stephanie Crawford), Frank Overton (as Sheriff Heck Tate) Genre: Black-and-white, Courtroom Drama, Film adaptation, Crime Fiction, Mystery, Family Drama, Childhood Drama, Drama Distributor: Universal Studios Producer: Alan J. Pakula Cinematography: Russell Harlan Editor: Aaron Stell Estimated Budget: US$ - 2,000,000 Studio: Universal Studios Awards: Academy Award for Actor in a Leading RoleAcademy Award for Writing Adapted ScreenplayGolden Globe Award for Best Actor - Drama FilmAcademy Award for Best Art DirectionGolden Globe Award for Best Original Score
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