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Yngwie Malmsteen

Discography:Oujya Ressou - Instrumental Best Album, G3: Live in Denver, I Can't Wait, Power and Glory, LIVE!, Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E Flat Minor: Live With the New Japan Philharmonic, Concerto Suite Live with Japan Philharmonic, Live!!, Double Live!!, Trial by Fire: Live in Leningrad Genre: Neo-classical metal, Power metal, Hard rock, Heavy metal, Speed metal, Glam metal, Progressive metal, Instrumental rock Film Performances:Yngwie Malmsteen: Live!, Yngwie Malmsteen: Live in Korea, G3: Live in Denver, Yngwie Malmsteen: Live in Budokan, Yngwie Malmsteen: Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra Personal Information: Malmsteen, Yngwie Born on Jun 30, 1963 in Stockholm Professions: Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist, Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist Nationality: Sweden